Monday, March 29, 2010

Time for a change.. Swim Suit Season!

After really thinking about the last year, I decided it was time for a change. I have decided to stop drinking and start living healthier. So Ashley and I have gone out and gotten gym memberships. This was our first weekend but its amazing how much better you feel about yourself after working out and watching what you eat.

Morgan, Ashley, Megan and I have also decided to do a weight loss challenge. Every Friday we will weigh-in and whoever wins with most pounds lost at the end will get a prize. So I will keep updating how I’m doing on here to help keep me accountable :) Wish me Luck!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twenty - Four

Monday was my 24th Birthday. If you know me, I believe in birthday weeks not days. So my birthday began on Thursday March 12th this year and continued until Tuesday March 16th.

It all began on Thursday when my best friend (and partner in crime) Ashley and I went to One Eye Jacks. This is a local hole in the wall bar but we fell in love with it after I had turned 21. We thought we would just stop in and have a drink and then call it a night. However we where wrong. We ran into some old friends and Karaoke'd all night and had a blast.
We even ended up closing the bar :)

So Friday I took the day off from work and had a great day. I went shopping, met up with my friend Megan (who lives way too far away) and had lunch. After lunch Ashley came over and all three of us girls got ready for the night.

We began the night at Bucca Di Beppos in Lynnwood. Its the most amazing Italian Food. However, the service was terriable! We even got free drinks and I recieved a whole meal for free because our waitress was so rude and horrid. But at least it was fun hanging out with every one ! I was so glad Donald and Ashley (and baby) made it out, as well as a couple of my coworkers and  my Favorite people, Ashley & Chris and Kyle & Bri!!

After Dinner we all went up to Tulalip Casino and met some more friends for drinking, gambling, and dancing. It was so much fun! Corey and Sandy from OG made it up, as well as my amazing friends Brian, Kristina and Ashley (The Boy.) As for gambling.. Bri and Kyle won money and almost everyone else lost.  
Then my actual birthday Monday March 15th, the regular group Me, Ash, Chris, Kyle and Bri all went to One Eye Jacks again. It was alot of fun Tom (the bar owner) bought me drinks and we all played pool and hung out. Even the boy Ashley made it out for a bit. I was surprised when some friends of a friend of ours showed up. So I ended up drinking and playing pool with Aaron until the bar closed.  It was a great night but I deffinatly paid for it the next day with the worst hangover of my life!

Over all it was a great birthday and I am just soo lucky to have so many amazing people in my life! I'm so Blessed!