Bucket List

Visit every NFL football stadium
Lose 25Lbs
Lose 50lbs
Hit my goal of 155lbs
Run a 5K
Run a 10K
Run a 1/2 Marathon
Go on a Zipline
Go on a helicopter ride
Go Skydiving
Visit another country
Get Married
Sexy boudoir-style Photo Shoot for the Hubs
Visit NYC for the Ball Drop
Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras
Have a baby
Start my own business
Go white water rafting
Take a ride in a hot air balloon
Brew my own beer
Try Paddle boarding
Go snowboarding
Fit in size 8 jeans
Fit in size 6 jeans
Take a boxing class
Swim with Sharks (In the Cage thing)
Go Rock Climbing
Catch a fish
Recieve Personal Training Certification
I want to ride a cable car in San Fran
I want to sleep stay in an over water hut in Bora Bora
Visit all of the waterfalls in Washington State
Take the road in Hana in Maui
Go on a train
Ride an elephant
Take a Yoga class
Inspire someone
Go to a Superbowl

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