Friday, February 19, 2010

One of my favorites!

Just thought I would share an AMAZING website for shoes! They have lots of other things as well but Im in love with most of their shoes :)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another little sneak peak...

Okay so here are the rest of the house pictures... its slowly coming along. Still have alot to do, but enjoy =)

This is the chair for the earlier post , it matched perfectly!

I got this wine rack for free and with a little TLC and paint it turned out perfect!
This is my bedroom, and its currently a work in progress. I'm painting the side tables this weekend to match a little better and I still have to find somemore wall decore. But Im going with a all brown and light blue room.

And a special thanks to my mom! I have the most comfortable bed ever! =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

So usually I hate Valentines. Im either dating someone who doesnt make it everything I dreamed of or I am single and it makes me lonley. So this year I decided to do something different. I spoiled myself. I woke up at 10 took Bentley to the dog park. Went and got a pedicure and came home make a yummy dinner and brownies =) then watched movies in bed with my little man. And it was PERFECT! I also got myself the best gift!

Just a Peak...

Here are a few pictures of the new house... I'll add some more tomorrow =)
Entry Way

Going up to the main part..

Artwork above head on the stairs

Top of landing
Kitchen and Bathroom Door
Laundry Room and Kitchen

Fireplace and looking over stairs...

Tomorrow I will add the livingroom and bedroom! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Little Man

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my puppy Bentley. So I was looking through my pictures and realized how quickly my boy has grown. Just thought I would share some of the cute pics (esp. for my family that has never seen him :)
The day I first saw him! (2 Months)

He was sad because we couldnt take him home for a week longer :(

He is a good poser :) (6 Months)

He Likes to Sleep (8 months)

Yesterday :)
Its really funny because he doesnt even look like the same puppy. But he's seriously the best little guy and its been sooo nice having him through all lifes struggles! I'm Blessed!

Dear Friday.

Dear Friday,
Please tell your friends Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they owe me. They have been horrible to me this week. Monday started with a bad case of the Flu which Tuesday and Wednesday decided to continue. Then Wednesday decided to trick me by making me feel well enough to do my laundry only to then have my laundry room flood. So after getting that mess all fixed up, I took some Nyquil and passed out. Only to wake up Thursday to my car broken into and my stereo gone. So after a long first day back at the office after been sick I finally made it home to find someone parked in my spot. Ugh! So now it’s your turn Friday, please make me proud! And Please tell your friends I don’t care to see them for a few days :)

Thanks, Meg

Bentley Boy :)

Just thought I would show off  B in his coat... Is it not the cutest thing ever?!!

What it takes to be a girl...

So after having the flu for five days, Wednesday I finally felt good enough to get my nails filled (Trust me I was long over due!) And just when you're already not feeling well leave it to the little nails girls to make you feel worse! Usually I go to  Tommy (which I'm pretty sure is not his real name), who's amazing, but he was out of town so I had to settle for a new girl. So after sitting there listening to them all talk about the clients and laugh  (girls, you know what Im talking about)  they then say "Oh you need an eyebrow wax too?" What?! Are you serious? My eyebrows are just fine, thank you. Ugh! Well at least "Diane" (again, I'm sure is not her real name) did a good job and even did some cute little designs :)