Friday, August 20, 2010

Gary Our Friend

My Mom has had this best friend Gary for almost as long as I can remember. My mom and Gary had such a special friendship and where always so close. When my mom moved to California they grew a little a part. A few years later I had ran into Gary one day after I moved back to Washington. We both happened to just be out and about and ended up grabbing a cup of coffee and catching up. Gary and I became very good friends we would meet about once a week for coffee or dinner and just talk. It was nice to have a little older perspective on life. I also liked how we could just talk about anything and we knew neither one of us would judge. We could bounce ideas off each other, we could tell stories, or we could just talk about how much we missed my mom. We even became such good friends that Gary joined the group of us girls on our Vegas trip for my 21st Birthday! Gary had always been that person that was just there, and would be any way you needed him. It didn’t matter if it was to be someone to talk to when I got my heart crushed again, to help me move again, or even to help me get my new start by buying my first work outfit when I was to broke to afford it. Gary has always been this stand up guy and father like figure.

Well last year at about this time we had found out that Gary had been diagnosed with the Big C {Cancer}. It was the Cancer that attacked your brain. Gary went in and began treatment. My mom came up for a visit from California not too long after and we had all went to dinner. Gary was a little slow but he was up and moving, talking and joking we thought he had won the fight.

The last week of June, Gary went to another doctor’s appointment after feeling a bit weak. At the doctor they did an MRI. The results where bad. {Real Bad} The doctor only gave Gary 6 months to live and said the cancer had came back so strong that there was nothing he could do.

Its now two months later... I went and saw Gary last night. He is laying in a hospital bed in his house and they say he only has a week to live. He can’t breath on his own, they have to keep removing things from his throat, he can’t open his eyes and you can see every bone in his body. This broke my heart! I don’t understand how in a year you can go from being so healthy and working out everyday and eating right and never drinking to laying on a hospital bed with just days to live. This is a guy that climbed Mount Everest, this is a guy who did marathons, and this is one of the most amazing beings I have ever known. This is just a reminder to tell people how much you love them and spend every minute you have with the ones you love. I am going to truly miss Gary and I’m always going to have the spot in my heart for him.

Home {Again}

So Ramone and I have decided it was time to take our relationship to the next step. After spending so much time, money and energy driving back and forth all of the time we have decided to move in together! It’s always a bit scary moving in with someone but Ramone has been so good about it. I actually really feel at ease. We even took a trip to Home Depot last weekend and looked at paint and fixtures for the house. It was the best feeling the feeling of making the house {Our} home!
My lease is up September 30th so I had decided I would move in with Ramone in Tacoma at that time. This was the best choice since he owns his house and won’t be moving anytime soon.
So I began applying for jobs about four weeks ago. During this time I had also had an issue with my new boss at work and during one of our fights I had let my mouth get the best of me! I blurted out that I would be quitting October 1st. After this fight I felt so sick to my stomach, I have NEVER left a job without having a new one lined up. Then the thought was in my head that what if he decides to fire me since he knows I’m leaving anyway. So I {Really} began to seek a new position!

After finally receiving phone calls about a couple different positions last week, I had three interviews set up! Talk about a long day… It’s hard to interview all day and continue to make yourself sound good! The first  interview was the job I thought I had wanted the most. It was a subcontractor on the job that I am currently working on now. I went to the interview really excited and came out a little disappointed. They couldn’t offer me full time until December so I was a little bummed. So I continued onto interview number 2 only to find out I was {over} qualified they were looking for a receptionist that they could pay $10 an hour. Not that I’m trying to be stuck up but its hard to make one amount of money and then have someone want to cut that in half. So I left that interviewed a little bummed as well. {I even thought should I even go to this last interview?} But I knew I could miss out on something great.

So I went to the last interview… I walked to this really cool building in downtown Tacoma {the kind of building I always wanted to work in, gorgeous on the inside and you take an elevator up to an office with an amazing view!} So I got a bit more hopeful. I walk in and instantly hit it off with the owner. She has so smart, knowledgeable and just over all a good personality fit with myself. I left the interview so excited and just felt so good about it! I couldn’t wait for Wednesday {the day she said she would get back to me.}

 So it’s now Friday… And no call. I must say I was really starting to get bummed. Its like going on a date that you think went really well only to find out they just weren’t that into you. Well I was wrong she was just that into me! I got the call this morning and she offered me the position. I am so excited! I think this could really be good for me. And while I did love my old job before I constantly think of that quote everyone knows… {You have to take big risks to get big rewards!} So I am taking this risk head on. I’m leaving the comfort of my job now, for a relatively new company that could expand into many different things and I am along for the ride.
  I am so incredibly lucky to have found something so quickly and in the field I wanted to be in. There are so many people who have been searching and searching who still haven’t found a thing. I am so fortunate and I just thank god. Its amazing how things work themselves out when you just throw up your hands and let him do what he does best. I am also so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive boyfriend who is so willing to make anything work as long as I am happy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

R.I.P - Single Girl in the City..

So this blog was titled Single Girl in the City. Since this girl is no longer single, I thought it was time for a change.. So now its This is the Story of a girl... I think this is fitting since this is about me, my life, all the people and events in it!

A taste of an Amazing weekend!!

This weekend was one of the best weekends of my life...
Our weekends begin on Thursdays now… This is because Ramone works four tens and Thursday is his first day off so he comes up to see me and stay the night every week. So this week he made it up right after I got off work so we went and ran errands than we met up with Caprice and Tucker at the dog park. Bentley and Tucker loved it they ran around and wore each other out so it also made Caprice and I very happy! After the dog park we then came back to my place where Chris and Ash then showed up so all five of us just drank, hung out and watched movies… It was so good to have the best of both worlds. I had my boyfriend and my friends in one spot, I loved it.
So Friday, I headed to work and Ramone headed home. Then after work I drove to Tacoma (this has been a typical Friday routine for a while now.) After I got there Ramone and I had dinner and then a quite night on the couch watching movies. It was the perfect ending to a long week!

Saturday Morning we woke up and Ramone made breakfast (I know I’m spoiled...and I love it!) then we took our time and adventured out. We went on a drive so I could sight see more of Tacoma and it was such an amazing day for it! It was sunny and beautiful so we had the truck windows down and the music up!

While sight-seeing we headed to the beach where we got to see a baby otter, starfish, and huge jelly fish! It was so fun. We then got a call from his parents and met them at Hemp Fest. It was fun to walk around and see all the little booths and what people had for sale. After that we all decided to go to the Taste of Tacoma. It was very fun did some more walking, shopping and listening to live music. I love that kind of thing!

After we were all tired and sweaty we decided to go back to Ramone’s where we made some lunch/dinner. We also let their dog Max and My pup Bentley play. Both dogs loved it! Bentley loves Ramone around because he has so many new doggy friends to play with! After we ate and the pups played we all decided to go to the Drive-In. So his parents took their Jeep and we took Ramone’s Truck. We went to the Auburn Drive-In, none of us had been to before it was so fun! We watched Grown-Ups and then we watched a couple minutes of another movie before driving home!

Sunday Ramone went to work so I adventured out in Tacoma by myself and went shopping. After shopping I came home and made Brownies and got dinner started. We ate dinner, and I must say its one of my favorite things about dating Ramone. We both enjoy cooking and share all the duties and it always feels so good just to have some music on and eat and catch-up on each others day. After dinner we cleaned up and then went to his grandma’s house. While at his grandmas I met his grandma, both of his aunts and his uncle and all of their dogs. Everyone was so nice and welcoming! I really enjoyed it! After that we came home and relaxed for a few hours before I headed home so start the new work week! The drive home is always the worst for me. I really love Ramone and we have so much fun doing even the simplest tasks he just enriches every part of life. I have such a hard time leaving! But we will see what the future holds…

Here are a few Pictures from the weekend...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

So I know its been a super long time... But I've been super busy! So here's a quick update.
~ Work: It’s been good we still are losing people like crazy. I have been with Apollo a year and a half now and I'm one of the only ones still on the job from when I began. Luckily for me it job security. Yesterday I drove all the way to Kennewick to our main office for some training and to meet everyone. Over all it was a good trip but way to long since I drove there and back in one day (and its 4 hours each way!)

~ Bentley: Healthy and Happy and just as crazy as always!

~ California: I just got back from spending time with my mom and Morgan in California for Memorial Day. It was a blast and my mom’s new house is amazing! It really made me miss them and I can’t wait to see them again soon! (Mom is coming up in August!!)

~ Me... In Love. I have met this incredible guy and hoping everything continues to go as well as it has! This last weekend was the best! He lives in Tacoma (45 mins away) so he drove up on Friday after I got off work... We went and had dinner at Rory’s in Edmonds on the water front (for once it was beautiful here in Washington) and then we went to Mukilteo Beach! After the beach we went for a drive then we met up with Ashley and Chris at Chris' place for a bit before heading bowling. I had not been bowling in forever and it was such a blast!! After bowling was over we all went to Denny's for some food and home for the night!

Saturday, B and I drove down to Ramone’s house in Tacoma where he was having friends and family over for a BBQ. I met everyone and loved them! We then watched the UFC Fights before everyone went home.

We ended the incredible weekend by home made tacos on Sunday while watching the sunset on Ramone’s Deck and it couldn’t have been any more perfect! This could be something really amazing, keep your fingers crossed!  (Sorry for all the spelling errors, I had five mintues to fill everyone in :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

mom knows best!

So sure enough the Volvo didn’t work out. Ashley and I went to the dealership all happy as could be ready to sign some papers. Well after getting there we received news that there where many things wrong and that they would no longer offer me a warranty with the car. Nor would they pay to have it fixed. They expected me to buy it as is. Well I knew that was just the sign I was looking for so I walked away. {Just a suggestion don't buy a car from the Kompact Kar Korner (Aka The KKK) }

So Ashley and I then headed out to Auburn to look at two cars I had found on Craigslist. Well after maquested and drove and sat forever we arrived in a crazy small town named Algona. If you don’t know where this is, don’t worry ... you will NEVER need to know where it is. Lets say there’s just not much to miss. Its a very small town by Auburn that is home to about 20 people and 2480 animals (they count animals in there pop total in the sign.) :) So we get the first "dealership" which happens to look like a shop attached to the house, and the guy has the car I want to look at in the shop with machines hooked up to it. So I do believe they where running back the mileage, so not long after we ditched that place.
After trying to find the second place, Ashley and I pulled into the gas station. We both had to pee so we went inside. Behind the counter was a backwoods boy who just stared at us. You could tell he was impressed by us city girls :). So eventually after finding the second car that was owned by "interesting" people. The car was perfect but the check engine light came on so I asked if I could take it to a mechanic and they said no. So after realizing there must be more wrong with the car if they wont let me take it to a mechanic, we ditched that place too! On the ride home I gave my mom a hopeless phone call and she could hear my frustration, so she went online and began looking at cars.
A day later my mom texted me and told me to go online and look at this car she found. So I went online and wasn’t too crazy about it from the pictures. So I kept looking for other choices. So I went and looked at the other and still nothing popped out at me so I thought I would give the one my mom found a try. SO I called and made an appointment to view it.
After meeting the very nice man who was selling the car for his daughter, I found out he was an old friend of mines dad! Small World. I test drove it and knew, it was MY car!
So a day later :) I had officially sold my car and am now the owner of an Eclipse, the car my mom found! I love it! It’s such a fun car! Thanks Mom! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Administrative {Me} Assistant Day

As some of you know last week was Administrative Assistants Day. Well I work with all boys and usually have to remind them of every holiday so regardless I didn’t expect them to do anything or even acknowledge the day. However I was wrong on Friday, Sjule {One of my favorite guys in the office} came into my office and told me how much all of the boys appreciate all that I do and how thankful they where that I was there. Then he handed me a very sweet card {they all had signed} and a gift card to Starbucks! I thought it was so sweet and it had totally made my day!

So after lunch I returned to my desk with a large vase of flowers! I was so impressed, the card and gift card where completely unexpected then the flowers?! It was so sweet and pretty. They totally made my day I couldn’t stop smiling! I work with such a great group of people and am so lucky to have the job I do!

Volvo S60 T5 New Car! {Maybe}

So I really don't want to jinks myself but I know {and believe} that if it’s meant to be, god will make it happen!
 So my poor Jeeps transmission has begun to slip. When driving and accelerating to about 40mph my car won’t kick into gear until about 5 RPM’s! So Instead of putting the money {$3000} into a new transmission I thought I would put my car on Craigslist and see what happened.
Well about 4 days later with Craigslists as the last thing on my mind I got a phone call. It was a single mom who really wanted a Jeep! So I met with her and she did a test drive and loved it! So I made a deal with her because she was very sweet and really needed it {I hope she comes through on the 15th}

So with my car {practically} sold, it was time to find a new one. So a co-worker of mine told me about a Dodge Durango he had for sale for almost the same price I was selling mine for! So I was super excited I have loved those cars forever. Then I found out someone offered him more money that I couldn’t compete with. So I was a bit bummed but held my head high and began the serious search.
The way almost all adventures in my life begin, I went and picked up the BFF {Ash} We than started hitting every car lot in town. However at the very first lot I REALLY {REALLY} liked a Volvo S60 T5. I have never really looked at Volvo’s before so we continued to go lot to lot. After spending our whole Sunday looking, we hadn’t found any others that I was really crazy about. For some reason I just kept going back to the Volvo. So we went back to Ashley’s and got on Craigslist {gotta love it} And couldn’t find anything good, we then continued to the Everett Herald, Seattle Times and Auto Trader {it was then I began to really think about even selling my Jeep in the first place} But I found the website of the first dealership and got more information about the Volvo but realized it had a lot of miles and didn’t know if I could even afford it. So I went home for the night to get some rest!

So Monday I printed out many ads from Craigslist and Ash and I headed back out {god bless her heart, looking for cars in the rain} then after the craigslist ads we hit a few dealerships but I knew which car I really wanted. So after dropping Ash off at an appt. I went back to test drive the S60 and fell in love. So they are fixing a part today and hopefully I can get the car tonight or tomorrow! I can’t wait! New cars are always exciting and I’m going to miss my Jeep because it’s been a trooper but I really can’t wait for this car! Wish {and Pray} that it works out for me!! And Here are a few pictures.. However they dont even come close to how pretty it is in real life =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Time for a change.. Swim Suit Season!

After really thinking about the last year, I decided it was time for a change. I have decided to stop drinking and start living healthier. So Ashley and I have gone out and gotten gym memberships. This was our first weekend but its amazing how much better you feel about yourself after working out and watching what you eat.

Morgan, Ashley, Megan and I have also decided to do a weight loss challenge. Every Friday we will weigh-in and whoever wins with most pounds lost at the end will get a prize. So I will keep updating how I’m doing on here to help keep me accountable :) Wish me Luck!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twenty - Four

Monday was my 24th Birthday. If you know me, I believe in birthday weeks not days. So my birthday began on Thursday March 12th this year and continued until Tuesday March 16th.

It all began on Thursday when my best friend (and partner in crime) Ashley and I went to One Eye Jacks. This is a local hole in the wall bar but we fell in love with it after I had turned 21. We thought we would just stop in and have a drink and then call it a night. However we where wrong. We ran into some old friends and Karaoke'd all night and had a blast.
We even ended up closing the bar :)

So Friday I took the day off from work and had a great day. I went shopping, met up with my friend Megan (who lives way too far away) and had lunch. After lunch Ashley came over and all three of us girls got ready for the night.

We began the night at Bucca Di Beppos in Lynnwood. Its the most amazing Italian Food. However, the service was terriable! We even got free drinks and I recieved a whole meal for free because our waitress was so rude and horrid. But at least it was fun hanging out with every one ! I was so glad Donald and Ashley (and baby) made it out, as well as a couple of my coworkers and  my Favorite people, Ashley & Chris and Kyle & Bri!!

After Dinner we all went up to Tulalip Casino and met some more friends for drinking, gambling, and dancing. It was so much fun! Corey and Sandy from OG made it up, as well as my amazing friends Brian, Kristina and Ashley (The Boy.) As for gambling.. Bri and Kyle won money and almost everyone else lost.  
Then my actual birthday Monday March 15th, the regular group Me, Ash, Chris, Kyle and Bri all went to One Eye Jacks again. It was alot of fun Tom (the bar owner) bought me drinks and we all played pool and hung out. Even the boy Ashley made it out for a bit. I was surprised when some friends of a friend of ours showed up. So I ended up drinking and playing pool with Aaron until the bar closed.  It was a great night but I deffinatly paid for it the next day with the worst hangover of my life!

Over all it was a great birthday and I am just soo lucky to have so many amazing people in my life! I'm so Blessed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

One of my favorites!

Just thought I would share an AMAZING website for shoes! They have lots of other things as well but Im in love with most of their shoes :)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another little sneak peak...

Okay so here are the rest of the house pictures... its slowly coming along. Still have alot to do, but enjoy =)

This is the chair for the earlier post , it matched perfectly!

I got this wine rack for free and with a little TLC and paint it turned out perfect!
This is my bedroom, and its currently a work in progress. I'm painting the side tables this weekend to match a little better and I still have to find somemore wall decore. But Im going with a all brown and light blue room.

And a special thanks to my mom! I have the most comfortable bed ever! =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

So usually I hate Valentines. Im either dating someone who doesnt make it everything I dreamed of or I am single and it makes me lonley. So this year I decided to do something different. I spoiled myself. I woke up at 10 took Bentley to the dog park. Went and got a pedicure and came home make a yummy dinner and brownies =) then watched movies in bed with my little man. And it was PERFECT! I also got myself the best gift!

Just a Peak...

Here are a few pictures of the new house... I'll add some more tomorrow =)
Entry Way

Going up to the main part..

Artwork above head on the stairs

Top of landing
Kitchen and Bathroom Door
Laundry Room and Kitchen

Fireplace and looking over stairs...

Tomorrow I will add the livingroom and bedroom! :)