Friday, August 20, 2010

Home {Again}

So Ramone and I have decided it was time to take our relationship to the next step. After spending so much time, money and energy driving back and forth all of the time we have decided to move in together! It’s always a bit scary moving in with someone but Ramone has been so good about it. I actually really feel at ease. We even took a trip to Home Depot last weekend and looked at paint and fixtures for the house. It was the best feeling the feeling of making the house {Our} home!
My lease is up September 30th so I had decided I would move in with Ramone in Tacoma at that time. This was the best choice since he owns his house and won’t be moving anytime soon.
So I began applying for jobs about four weeks ago. During this time I had also had an issue with my new boss at work and during one of our fights I had let my mouth get the best of me! I blurted out that I would be quitting October 1st. After this fight I felt so sick to my stomach, I have NEVER left a job without having a new one lined up. Then the thought was in my head that what if he decides to fire me since he knows I’m leaving anyway. So I {Really} began to seek a new position!

After finally receiving phone calls about a couple different positions last week, I had three interviews set up! Talk about a long day… It’s hard to interview all day and continue to make yourself sound good! The first  interview was the job I thought I had wanted the most. It was a subcontractor on the job that I am currently working on now. I went to the interview really excited and came out a little disappointed. They couldn’t offer me full time until December so I was a little bummed. So I continued onto interview number 2 only to find out I was {over} qualified they were looking for a receptionist that they could pay $10 an hour. Not that I’m trying to be stuck up but its hard to make one amount of money and then have someone want to cut that in half. So I left that interviewed a little bummed as well. {I even thought should I even go to this last interview?} But I knew I could miss out on something great.

So I went to the last interview… I walked to this really cool building in downtown Tacoma {the kind of building I always wanted to work in, gorgeous on the inside and you take an elevator up to an office with an amazing view!} So I got a bit more hopeful. I walk in and instantly hit it off with the owner. She has so smart, knowledgeable and just over all a good personality fit with myself. I left the interview so excited and just felt so good about it! I couldn’t wait for Wednesday {the day she said she would get back to me.}

 So it’s now Friday… And no call. I must say I was really starting to get bummed. Its like going on a date that you think went really well only to find out they just weren’t that into you. Well I was wrong she was just that into me! I got the call this morning and she offered me the position. I am so excited! I think this could really be good for me. And while I did love my old job before I constantly think of that quote everyone knows… {You have to take big risks to get big rewards!} So I am taking this risk head on. I’m leaving the comfort of my job now, for a relatively new company that could expand into many different things and I am along for the ride.
  I am so incredibly lucky to have found something so quickly and in the field I wanted to be in. There are so many people who have been searching and searching who still haven’t found a thing. I am so fortunate and I just thank god. Its amazing how things work themselves out when you just throw up your hands and let him do what he does best. I am also so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive boyfriend who is so willing to make anything work as long as I am happy.

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