Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two lost girls in Mill Creek...

Ashley and I took an adventure last night, after I found a really neat chair on Craigslist. If you have ever used Craigslist you know its always an adventure. Sometimes the pictures are way better than the item actually is and sometimes the items are even more amazing then the pictures. Also half the fun of Craigslist is the people you meet. Some are crazy or lonely and want to talk forever and some are just flat out nice. 

So after getting lost in the dark for 30 mins (which I found crazy that it was so dark at 5:30pm and thanks to Mapquest.) We finally found the house. The lady seemed a bit weird but that was only until we met her husband. Then she seemed normal, because he was soo not normal. Anyways Ash and I fell in love with the chair and we made arrangements to pick it up Thursday! I added a picture (although its way better looking in person, I promise!) So its offical the new livingroom is complete! I'll get some pictures of the new house up soon!

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