Friday, February 5, 2010

What it takes to be a girl...

So after having the flu for five days, Wednesday I finally felt good enough to get my nails filled (Trust me I was long over due!) And just when you're already not feeling well leave it to the little nails girls to make you feel worse! Usually I go to  Tommy (which I'm pretty sure is not his real name), who's amazing, but he was out of town so I had to settle for a new girl. So after sitting there listening to them all talk about the clients and laugh  (girls, you know what Im talking about)  they then say "Oh you need an eyebrow wax too?" What?! Are you serious? My eyebrows are just fine, thank you. Ugh! Well at least "Diane" (again, I'm sure is not her real name) did a good job and even did some cute little designs :)

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