Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks & Treats!

First off... Happy Halloween!! This is one of my favorite holidays. I have always been one of those girls that liked to participate in fun events. I was even in ASB in High School for that reason. Halloween was always the time of year when I would get so excited to dress up and I would leave the house feeling amazing in my costume until I got to the party to see all of the little itty bitty girls in these cute costumes and I would be ready to turn around and go home. This was the first year I would have felt good at the party. However it was the first year we really didn’t have plans. Depressing I know! But in all actually I was okay with it this year. But I guarantee you next year I will rock a slutty little outfit Halloween costume!

 Halloween 2009 Throw-Backs (I was a cave-woman)
Last weekend we did make it to the pumpkin patch! One of my favorite things ever! The day started with R and I heading up to my BFFs house (an hour away) to pick up her and her man. Then all four of us when on a little adventure to Ft. Casey, Washington. While in Ft.Casey my BFF got engaged!! Whoo hoo!! I was soo excited when her boyfriend Chris had contacted me awhile back about helping plan out the whole thing and we did it. It all played out perfectly! And Im so happy I don't have to keep the secret from her any more!! Nicely done Chris!! And I seriously can't wait for this wedding!!
R & Me on the Ferry to Ft. Casey

My BFF said Yes!!!
They're engaged!!
 All four of us on the way back from Ft. Casey
After the engagement and celebratory drinks lunch, we all headed to the pumpkin patch like we do every year. It was so fun and after we went to Chris and Ashley’s to carve our pumpkins!

 Fun at the Pumpkin Patch!
                              The Newly Engaged!!                         
All 3 years R & I have been together!
As many of you know I live in Seattle. Yes, it rains a lot of the time so yesterday it was pouring! I mean the run to your car for one second and you’re drenched kind of rain. All day I had tried to talk myself out of running after work and kept trying to make excuses. However, after I got off work I went home and changed and made myself go!

 I soon realized I didn’t have a good running jacket so I had to use my work jacket. I was definitely not looking attractive and I hoped I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. Yet at the same time at least EVERYONE could see me and I wouldn’t get hit by a car.
 So after I finally got pounding the pavement I had such a good run! I did a full mile without stopping and for me that is the longest I have gone so far! I was so proud of myself! After that I continued to keep running for 5 minutes followed by walking for 90 seconds over and over again for the hour. I got home and was absolutely drenched so I hopped in the shower and then got caught up on our weekly DVR’d shows with R. It was such a great night but tonight I’m going to look for a new running jacket after work before going running and eating giving out candy!!. Any good suggestions on a moveable but water resistant jacket?

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