Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breathing In {New Life} To This Blog

Hi Ya'll it’s been forever since I have sat down to blog. I'm sorry life has been so busy this year. However, I have been reading some really great blogs lately and it has encouraged me to get back to it.

So down to business, here’s what’s new with me… Sorry it’s a bit of a jumbled mess below… So sue me.

In 199 days I will have a new last name, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been engaged to the most amazing man for about 1.5 years and in a few months we will make the biggest promise of our lives to not kill each other in front of our friends and family in Honolulu Hawaii. All of the wedding planning is pretty much done with the exception of some family members and friends still getting their tickets {no pressure, but get to it kids.}

I absolutely love my job in the construction industry. I’ve worked in Construction Project Management for almost 8 years and in May I had started with a new company. I'm currently trying to find my way to stand out in within this company. I love going to a job walk and seeing a blank canvas or an old run-down building, only to come back later to a newly completed beautiful building. There's nothing more rewarding than driving by something that you worked so hard to build, I love it. I hope to one day build my own home with the hubs {that’s where the not to kill each other vow will come to play.}

 I signed up for my first 5K {Mustache Dash} on November 17th. I have never in my life been a runner. In middle school, I would cry and fake injuries to not have to run during the weekly Friday mile. I hated running. I felt like I just wasn’t built for it, my knees would ache, my chest would hurt, and my heart would beat uncontrollably. I never in my life thought I would run for fun when I much less wouldn’t do it when required. However upon coming across a blog by Mama Laughlin I fell in love. There was this woman who spoke like I did and was real about things that I was often too real about. So I began to think one day while on my walk, “ wow, my body has changed a lot since losing my first 65lbs. It’s so lot lighter and if others love running so much maybe I will too.” Well I was wrong, I didn’t just like running I loved it. I love the feeling of accomplishment I felt when doing it and sadly, I loved the way I saw the world when doing it {that I had never experienced before.} Granted I could only run for one minute at a time in the beginning and can now only do 5 minutes at a time with short walking breaks in-between but I love how quickly I have seen changes to my body and endurance. I’ve started this journey with the C25K app. If you don’t know about it, figure it out stat! It will change your life {unless you’re already a runner}. If thats not enough of a reason to try running maybe all of the cute clothing/gear will get you hooked. Once you begin running daily you will want to invest in better workout clothes because cotton just doesn’t cut it{don’t figure that out the hard way.} So I’m going to use this blog to continue to track my running and my changes as I continue to train and prepare for the ½ marathon I plan to run next year.  Speaking of tracking I only have 2 days until weigh-in Thursday! Wish me luck! Last week I was at 172, that’s 67.5lbs down and only 17lbs from my goal!

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