Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rough Week Full Of Tears

Hi girls. I have been such a horrible blogger lately. I have just been so over whelmed. On Monday I had to rehome my sweet fur-baby boy. For those of you that are new readers, I’ve had Bentley my 4 year old Yorkie his whole life. He has been my world. He has been with me through all of life’s struggles including a horrible break-up, many new jobs, being away from my family for the holidays and much more. He has always been the one thing that was constant in my life and he was my safe haven. I know this is weird because after all he’s only a dog but he has been so much more to me.
Me & Bentley

However, after R and I moved in together 3 years ago B really started to act up. He would pee everywhere to mark his new territory. So after 3 hard years of trying everything from staying outside for hours, kenneling, and trainers it’s just not working. B would go outside and potty then come back in the house look at you and potty again right in front of you. I have gotten to such a place of irritation that I couldn’t handle it and then I would kennel him for his bad behavior and it was a repeat cycle. Not only was it frustrating to me but it was also frustrating to my hubby to be. He put so much money, time and effort into our buying our house and now I sit back and watch my dog trash it. R was so good and never mentioned anything but I could see it was affecting him. 
R and Bentley
 I also started to notice that recently B was becoming more aggressive. I think he would get mad that he was kenneled so much of the time that he would then become mean. After seeing this side of him I really began to think about the future, and with this aggression it scares me to think of him around kids.
So even though it was the hardest thing to do, I found B a really great home. They have 2 other female Yorkies, so he gets to have playmates and gets to be king of the house. They also have a large fully fenced yard for him to play and the best part yet is that they have someone home at all times. So even though it really hurts and I’ve cried many tears this week it is going to be what is best for the both of us. How about you ladies have you ever been in this situation or something similar?

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  1. I am crying my eyes out for you right now. I can't imagine how hard that was for you to decide. My little doggie is not very well behaved at times and my R has some issues with her as well. She ruined carpets in our last house and now we have barking problem more than a potty problems. It is so hard because our babies have been the first thing that we have taken care of and they have been there through so much already. I send my love to you and I know how much your heart is hurting, it will get better and B will always have a place in your heart. Just remember that he is probably having a blast with the other doggies and is going still have a happy and healthy life. Keep you chin up, and I'm here if you need me (..even though I have been a bad blogger lately too - I'm still here!)


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