Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Administrative {Me} Assistant Day

As some of you know last week was Administrative Assistants Day. Well I work with all boys and usually have to remind them of every holiday so regardless I didn’t expect them to do anything or even acknowledge the day. However I was wrong on Friday, Sjule {One of my favorite guys in the office} came into my office and told me how much all of the boys appreciate all that I do and how thankful they where that I was there. Then he handed me a very sweet card {they all had signed} and a gift card to Starbucks! I thought it was so sweet and it had totally made my day!

So after lunch I returned to my desk with a large vase of flowers! I was so impressed, the card and gift card where completely unexpected then the flowers?! It was so sweet and pretty. They totally made my day I couldn’t stop smiling! I work with such a great group of people and am so lucky to have the job I do!

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