Friday, April 30, 2010

mom knows best!

So sure enough the Volvo didn’t work out. Ashley and I went to the dealership all happy as could be ready to sign some papers. Well after getting there we received news that there where many things wrong and that they would no longer offer me a warranty with the car. Nor would they pay to have it fixed. They expected me to buy it as is. Well I knew that was just the sign I was looking for so I walked away. {Just a suggestion don't buy a car from the Kompact Kar Korner (Aka The KKK) }

So Ashley and I then headed out to Auburn to look at two cars I had found on Craigslist. Well after maquested and drove and sat forever we arrived in a crazy small town named Algona. If you don’t know where this is, don’t worry ... you will NEVER need to know where it is. Lets say there’s just not much to miss. Its a very small town by Auburn that is home to about 20 people and 2480 animals (they count animals in there pop total in the sign.) :) So we get the first "dealership" which happens to look like a shop attached to the house, and the guy has the car I want to look at in the shop with machines hooked up to it. So I do believe they where running back the mileage, so not long after we ditched that place.
After trying to find the second place, Ashley and I pulled into the gas station. We both had to pee so we went inside. Behind the counter was a backwoods boy who just stared at us. You could tell he was impressed by us city girls :). So eventually after finding the second car that was owned by "interesting" people. The car was perfect but the check engine light came on so I asked if I could take it to a mechanic and they said no. So after realizing there must be more wrong with the car if they wont let me take it to a mechanic, we ditched that place too! On the ride home I gave my mom a hopeless phone call and she could hear my frustration, so she went online and began looking at cars.
A day later my mom texted me and told me to go online and look at this car she found. So I went online and wasn’t too crazy about it from the pictures. So I kept looking for other choices. So I went and looked at the other and still nothing popped out at me so I thought I would give the one my mom found a try. SO I called and made an appointment to view it.
After meeting the very nice man who was selling the car for his daughter, I found out he was an old friend of mines dad! Small World. I test drove it and knew, it was MY car!
So a day later :) I had officially sold my car and am now the owner of an Eclipse, the car my mom found! I love it! It’s such a fun car! Thanks Mom! :)

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