Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volvo S60 T5 New Car! {Maybe}

So I really don't want to jinks myself but I know {and believe} that if it’s meant to be, god will make it happen!
 So my poor Jeeps transmission has begun to slip. When driving and accelerating to about 40mph my car won’t kick into gear until about 5 RPM’s! So Instead of putting the money {$3000} into a new transmission I thought I would put my car on Craigslist and see what happened.
Well about 4 days later with Craigslists as the last thing on my mind I got a phone call. It was a single mom who really wanted a Jeep! So I met with her and she did a test drive and loved it! So I made a deal with her because she was very sweet and really needed it {I hope she comes through on the 15th}

So with my car {practically} sold, it was time to find a new one. So a co-worker of mine told me about a Dodge Durango he had for sale for almost the same price I was selling mine for! So I was super excited I have loved those cars forever. Then I found out someone offered him more money that I couldn’t compete with. So I was a bit bummed but held my head high and began the serious search.
The way almost all adventures in my life begin, I went and picked up the BFF {Ash} We than started hitting every car lot in town. However at the very first lot I REALLY {REALLY} liked a Volvo S60 T5. I have never really looked at Volvo’s before so we continued to go lot to lot. After spending our whole Sunday looking, we hadn’t found any others that I was really crazy about. For some reason I just kept going back to the Volvo. So we went back to Ashley’s and got on Craigslist {gotta love it} And couldn’t find anything good, we then continued to the Everett Herald, Seattle Times and Auto Trader {it was then I began to really think about even selling my Jeep in the first place} But I found the website of the first dealership and got more information about the Volvo but realized it had a lot of miles and didn’t know if I could even afford it. So I went home for the night to get some rest!

So Monday I printed out many ads from Craigslist and Ash and I headed back out {god bless her heart, looking for cars in the rain} then after the craigslist ads we hit a few dealerships but I knew which car I really wanted. So after dropping Ash off at an appt. I went back to test drive the S60 and fell in love. So they are fixing a part today and hopefully I can get the car tonight or tomorrow! I can’t wait! New cars are always exciting and I’m going to miss my Jeep because it’s been a trooper but I really can’t wait for this car! Wish {and Pray} that it works out for me!! And Here are a few pictures.. However they dont even come close to how pretty it is in real life =)

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