Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

In May of last year I was laid off due to the economy. I had been working as a project manager for General Contractor that specialized in government work. The U.S President had cut the budget and no federal funding was being released, so my boss decided to lay everyone off. After the frustration of being laid off I took a closer look at my position and the company I had worked for and decided I didn’t want to return to work there.

So I later found a part-time position as an Office Manager for a Masonry contractor. The position was much lower key than I had been used to in the past. While working for them I had grown close with many people who worked there, however a new full time position had presented itself last week. Another local General Contractor contacted me about a full time assistant PM Job with great pay full benefits, 401K and retirement. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. So I am very excited to start my new job. They wanted me to start right away so I’m going to be jugging both of them for a short while.

In the mean time I am interviewing for my replacement as office manager and I must say interviewing is a unique experience. It never changes you really get some characters. One girl sent in a picture of herself in a bikini top with boobs falling out with her resume? Really? Who does that? But it’s been a fun change.

Also Lets get real... I have been slacking on my gym time for the past couple of weeks. I had twisted my ankle pretty bad and every time it starts to feel better it ends up worse. I’m hoping to continue to take it easy so that I will be able to return to the gym soon! I only have 24 days until wedding dress shopping!!

I'm also a bit nervous about my new job and slipping into old habits with Food and Exercise. However since my eyes are wide open and I now know my fears as well as what I can do I think I will be fine.

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