Monday, April 23, 2012

Size 11

Every Monday morning begins the same way I wake up go to the restroom and step onto the scale. Today I was pleasantly surprised by the number that popped up. I have officially lost almost 60lbs! And man do I feel great. So I decided to try on the last two pairs of jeans I have in my closet that I haven't been able to fit into (my mom and sister brought them to me last year.) And guess what? They fit and I mean perfectly not like trying to squeeze into them, lie on the bed and suck it in kind of fit. So while I was at it I tried on all the jeans still in my closet (Since I began my journey of getting fit I have already thrown out 25 pairs of jeans) and today I was able to throw out 6 more pairs. I am back to into my high school jeans 8 years later and I'm so excited. I can now go into pretty much any store and buy jeans again! Not only Target and Old Navy. So I can't wait until I can no longer fit in the 6 pairs I have currently at home which are size 11/12 might I add :) Coming from a girl that was a size 18 it feels amazing!! Here are new pics of me today in size 11 jeans!!
 Here's also a face picture...
Its crazy how much your face changes while losing weight.

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