Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heck No H20!

When I had first begun my quest to be healthy I would read about the effects that water has on your body. I would also read blogs, magazines, and books on why you needed to drink it. We all know and have been taught our whole lives that we need at least 8 - 8oz. of water a day. However I never took it seriously and never realized what a big deal water was. For me it was very simple why I didn't want to drink water. It didn’t have a taste; I would forget or simply wanted something with flavor.

Then one day while walking through my favorite store {Target}, I decided to buy a cute water bottle {bought it more for looks than anything but hey what the heck, if there are health benefits as well as the fashion benefits it's a win in my book} and tried to drink a full bottle once a day to start. Now six months later, I drink at least 3 bottles a day (about 96oz.) It’s funny how your body changes; now any drink seems really sugary and I prefer water. I also don’t feel a 100% if I don’t get enough water. I also notice that my completion changes depending on the amount of water I enjoy. The more water = the clearer, the tanner looking and the less lines and blemishes you will see. Not to mention water helps speed up your metabolism, naturally! If you want to burn even more calories while drinking also add a pinch of lemon to your water. This helps get your digestive system up and running. Lemon also helps cleanse the liver and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Here are some other advantages of drinking water:

1. Regulates body temperature
2. Helps blood flow since 83% of your blood is water
3. Detoxifies (this is why you need water when you’re hung-over)
4. Bones consists of 22& water
5. Protects and moisturizes our joints
6. Brain consists of 90% water - Being well hydrated means you think more clearly
7. Transports nutrients and oxygen into our cells
8. Moisturizes the air in our lungs
9. Helps speed up our metabolism
10. Protects our Organs
11. Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
12. Muscles consist of 75% water
13. Helps body stay regular
14. Reduces your risk of disease and infection
15. Helps energize and keep you alert

Cheers! Drink up!

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