Thursday, December 27, 2012

a time for change.

I found both of these quotes recently and fell in love.  I had fallen in love with the first one because I think it’s often times so true. I know how strong my love and loyalty for R is because I would be completely content right by his side if we had absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact we lived like we had nothing for just about a year to save money to pay off debt. There were times we were bored and wanted out of the house. There were times we felt stupid telling other people that we didn’t have the money to go out with them and yet we made it. We had to get creative, we had to learn about each other and we had to be each other’s best friend. Now that time has passed and I am so blessed to know that he is the one I want to stand next to when we have absolutely nothing.  I also feel that this quote is also true to many accounts by professional athletes and stars. So many of them get caught up with the money and the fame that they then cheat on the ones they love because other women are throwing themselves at them because of the money. Regardless it makes you think and I like that.
This quote really hit home today. I have been having a hard time at work. I am very good at my job and I have many skills. However I felt like I am not able to perform to my fullest abilities. I feel like others are scared of my success and my drive. So lately I have been getting caught up in this rather than understanding people are different and realizing what I need to do to make my own situation better. This includes gossip. I have allowed myself to be present and take place in talking about others. I don’t like myself when I become a part of this and I am better than that. I want to be the type of person you just deep down know would never say one bad thing about anyone. I have made a choice to live the life of someone I would want to meet or better yet the person I want to be.  How could you change to be a person that you would want to meet or better yet one you would want to be friends with or in a relationship with? Just another thing to think about before all of the New Year’s resolutions come up.

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