Friday, December 28, 2012

{Bright} side

Good Morning Ya'll. Today seems like a {so what} kind of day... So here we go.

~ So what if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and am in a horrible mood. It also doesn’t help that our company’s direct deposit didn’t go through last night. Come on we need payday after Christmas week, like Lindsay Lohan needs her meds.

~ So what if I pressed snooze 4 more times this morning and had no time to do anything with my hair so I’m wearing it in a French braid like I'm back in the 5th grade.

~ So what if I’m more excited for another 4 day weekend than I can stand.

~ So what I constantly feel like I’m going to be robbed even through I don’t have much to my name.{ I deposited cash this morning into the the ATM and couldnt help but look around like a crazy person, happens everytime}

~ So what if I didn’t tip at Starbucks this morning. I ordered oatmeal {unmade}. All they had to do is hand it to me.

~ So what if Im a Christian and still swore at a stupid driver on my way to work today. He almost caused me to die.

~ So what if I want to crawl back in bed, right now.

Okay and on to this..

the bright side is this.. Its Friday. I have a glorious 4 day weekend ahead of me including a Seahawk home game and NYE Party. I am healthy, I have a job and I will have plenty of time to sleep after 4. There it is folks. Have a good weekend! XOXO

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