Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad case of the Mondays

Need a weekend from my weekend...
Wow, I had such a great weekend. I hope you all did as well! Mine started off Friday evening with the soon to be hubs taking me out for date night. He is such a stud! He took me to dinner at the place we first met then he took me to a movie I had wanted to see (at the same theater we had gone to the first night we met.) Isn’t that adorable?! He was trying to get laid

Then Saturday I woke up early went for a 3.5 mile walk with my friend Megan followed by a 2 mile run and then lastly a 3.5 walk with R. So I got some serious mileage in. After going home and showering we went out Saturday night with some friends and family for my sister in laws birthday! It was so fun but I definitely had way too much to drink. I never really drink anymore and after losing as much weight as I have this year I definitely don’t know my limits.  So I woke up Sunday morning with a hangover from Hell. Only to hurry and get ready to go to the Seahawks game where we killed the Vikings!!
Fast forward to now... Monday morning at work and in need of a serious weekend to my weekend... It’s going to be a long week! I also only have 11 days until my first 5K so I need to get some serious running in this week! Hope you guys have a great Monday!!

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