Thursday, November 1, 2012


Good Morning!! Its weigh-in Thursday! And surprisingly even with my candy intake last night...
 I'm still down 1lb. I'll take it!!

After Weigh-In :)
 Last night after work I ran to JcPennys to look for a running jacket that would allow me to move while still keeping me dry and success!! For only $30.00 I found the cutest one. I looked on the website and its not on there so I will have to remember to take pictures tonight! I also want to know that I tryed on jeans and I'm offically a size 8 (and a 10 still in 2 of the 6 pairs I tried on)

From 18 to size 8!!

After shopping I ran and picked up a little extra candy for the hubs kids just in case! However we only got 7 trick or treaters and two of which I make special good bags for anyways. So R and I just watched a scary movie and called it a night. Hope everyone else had a great and safe Halloween!!

P.s Only 17 days to my first 5K.. Ekk!!

P.s.s Today is the day we find out who our blogger swag swap person is!! Whoo hoo!!

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