Friday, November 30, 2012

Girls on Stage Make it Rain

Cheers to the freakin weekend! So I totally suck because I didn’t make it to Zumba last night. I was so excited! However R's cousin who I was going with cancelled and rather than put on my big girl panties I stayed home. I know... lame but {football and the hubs were calling my name} I will do it next Tuesday. Maybe in the mean time I can work on my coordination {god help me} at home by trying to dance along with some Zumba videos.

Did you know?? It’s FRIDAY!!!! I’m stoked after such a short week last week, this week feels like it drags on for-eve-aaaa you know? I’m also pretty stoked because tonight we are going to see Dom Kennedy. I know most of you won’t know who that is and I'm pretty gansta {not really} because I listen to some ghetto rap lol. But let me tell you rap shows are the best place to decide never to have children people watch. I mean some of these little girls {stripper gear} outfits, really?? But I'll try to get some pictures of the best offenders.

Here’s one of my favorite Dom Kennedy songs...

Okay two...

Don't you feel so hood now?! Granted maybe the stripper clothing comes from song influence, the second song does say “girls on stage make it rain.” But come-on people!

I'm also super stoked that tomorrow we are going to get our Christmas tree and put up xmas lights. I’m sure if you follow me on instagram you will probably want to delete me from picture over load but I love the holidays. Like little kid full heartedly love them. I make R do the whole thing: coffee, Christmas music and drive up the mountain to cut our own tree. It’s my favorite and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the many reasons R wants to strangle me loves me. I hope you all have an awesome weekend can’t wait to hear all about them!!

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