Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silently Stalking

Hi Ya'll I'm totally stealing Holly's thunder today. She had written about leaving other bloggers comments today and it had got me thinking and typing! I have silently stalking reading some really good blogs lately! Be sure to check out the blogs I follow on the bottom right of my page(and comment and let me know of other good blogs you follow!) Also, be sure to comment on peoples blogs. Blogging is such a hard thing to remember to constantly keep up on when things get busy and sometimes just knowing that someone else is reading the mumbo-jumbo that you put out in the world just feels good! So spread the love and comment on someone’s blog!

 In other news… I went for a run last night and almost died. Ugh! It was a rough one I’m not sure why but I just couldn’t get out of my own head. I couldn’t just get in the grove I was complaining about how it was cold, I was having a hard time breathing and now my legs where cramping. I feel horrible about it. I am very competitive and hold myself to high standards so I get really disappointed when I don’t do my best. So tonight I’ve gotta make my run my bitch. Wish me luck!

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  1. Cold runs are so hard - so so hard. I know when you have it in your mind - you just want to QUIT. BUT you did it - YAY!


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