Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Back For The Hump

Good Morning!!
As some of you know we spent the last week in sunny California visiting my family! We had such a great time !! The first day I had taken R site seeing (although if you’ve ever been to Redding California you know there’s not shit much to see.) Then we drove a hour to my dad’s new house and visited with him and my grandma for a couple of hours. It was so great to see both of them together. I have really missed my dad and if you are a regular reader you know I have a very up and down relationship with him. So it was great to spend some time with together and have him really get to know R. In the 3 years R and I have been together he has only met my dad once when we went to dinner with all of my family 2 years ago. So it’s hard knowing that my dad doesn’t really know the man that I am about to marry. So it warmed my heart to see them interact and get to know each other better. We soon returned to my mom’s house for dinner and drinks. Thanksgiving morning my little sister MM took us shooting (remember I told you there wasn’t much to do in Redding!) However we really had a good time, there’s nothing cooler than feeling powerful by shooting guns (I suggest you try it!) After shooting we went mudding in my sister new truck. Sometimes I find it hard to think of my little sister as an adult. Sure she’s 21, however I only see her a couple times of year so in my mind she’s still just a little girl. It was really great to see her as a woman and enjoying teaching me things about the things she loves to do. After mudding and shooting we came home to eat a fest with family.  The next morning we went to Macys to get a necklace I had wanted (our only black shopping this year) We got in I grabbed it, paid and got out of there. After a bit more site seeing we went back to moms house and napped hungout for a  bit before having people over that evening. We had many family members over on Friday night and we did a lot of drinking catching up. Over all the whole trip was a success, I not only got to see all of the family I hoped to, but we ate good food and relaxed and I enjoyed every moment.
Now that I’m back to reality I’m ready to work-out and lose the 4lbs I may have or may not have gained during the trip. I let myself off the hook to enjoy whatever I wanted for just over a week and while usually I would be so mad at myself I think it was just what I needed. I feel surprisingly good, especially for not working out once during the vacation. I had packed all my running clothes with best intentions of getting a couple runs in however Im a slacker  family time was more important to me this trip. So now I have to get back on the horse and get my butt in gear only 5 ½ months until we get married and I live in my swimsuit on the honeymoon without any fears or worries of how I feel I look in a Bikini. So I thought I’d leave you all with some pictures of my trip and if you follow me on instagram I’m sorry for the duplicates & picture overload.
Happy hump day ya’ll!!
My Boys on the Road Trip
 Me at the Shasta Dam
 R at Shasta Dam
Us Site Seeing at the Shasta Dam
 Visiting my Dad
Thanksgiving Shooting

 Me & My Sister
R & My Sister
 Mudding in the truck
 R, Me & Mom
 Sis, Me & Mom
Sister & Me
 R & I @ the Sundial Bridge
 R & My Sister
My Cousin D, his daughter & Me

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  1. You look great holding a gun! I love the pictures and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with loved ones :)


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