Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hairy Situations..

Hi Ya'll... I’ve received a couple emails about my hair so here’s a rundown of what I use :)

I only wash my hair every other. I typically use biolage shampoo for damaged hair. Even though mines not really damaged I like that it strengthens it.

After shampooing, I use Miracle 10 daily conditioner (I only condition the ends never the scalp.) I put the conditioner in and then I finish showering and shave my legs then rinse.

However once a week I use this miracle 10 hair mask instead of the daily conditioner and leave it in for about 10 minutes before rinsing. I love the hair mask but if you use it too often it will make your hair really greasy.
After I get out of the shower I towel dry my hair and run my fingers though my hair. Then I put about a dime size drop of thermal protection in my palms and rub it together and then run it through my hair. Then I spray the CHI 44 iron guard through my hair and then round brush blow dry.
Then after blow drying I either use my new straightner the Babyliss Pro Nano. (I love it!! So much better than CHI.) Or curl it with either my hot tools curing iron or revlon ceramic curling iron.
My sister is a hair stylist so she lets me know of any other new stuff that I should try and she gets me a deal on all of these items, but Im sure you could find them online or at a local beauty shop.

Hope this helps! Happy Thursday :)


  1. That straightner looks awesome - I MAY have to purchase one.

    1. Yes!! Do it!! Its amazing, just know it gets super hot so I always use it on the lowest setting (which is lower than the CHI)

  2. You're so lucky your sister is a hair dresser! I've always wished I knew someone who did hair. I use the same shampoo and LOVE it.

    1. Yeah I am! She saves me big bucks!! But I wish she lived closer, shes in California so I don't see her enough to get all my stuff done by her. But I do have a friend in Everett whos pretty amazing too!


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