Monday, November 19, 2012

I'd like to stay... but I Must-ache {Dash}

Good Morning! I hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did!! After work on Friday the soon-to-be hubs and I had a date night! We went to Sushi and frozen yogurt then to the movies  we may have or may not have seen the new breaking dawn. Okay why I lie, I was excited to see it. I had read all the books before it was the big to-do so I was stoked to see an ending I knew nothing about. I loved every minute of it.
 Our Movie theather is the best! They have recliners
 R taking a nap before the show :)
Haha He loves how much I love to take pictures HP.

Then we woke up super early for my first 5K. I was super nervous. I haven’t been able to run in over a week due to the weather and getting dark so early. 
 Ready to head out..
My awesome Mustache tank!
R was super supportive even when I was being a bitch because I was nervous 
 Me and my Mustache :)
One of my BFF's Caprice (Who found this race!! :)
 I completely surprised myself. I had set a goal of completing the run in 40 minutes since it was my first. So I started steady and really watched my breathing. I fell into a good groove and didn’t really get tired until after the second mile I had to walk for 30 seconds then get back to it. I also really wanted to stop at the end but kept pushing myself all the way through and I ran over that finish line so completely proud of myself the tears started to form in my eyes. I caught my breath for a minute then hugged R and my best friend and her fiancĂ©. Then we went over to the time station to see what I officially did and here’s what I saw…

That’s right folks 31:39 (A pace of 10:13/M) I couldn’t be any happier with that time. I was faster than 880 people and I did even better than the adv. speed of 34:24!! To think it was my very first one and  I had never ran a mile in my life! So thanks to all of you for the supportive words of encouragement!
 Me & The Girls!
 My #1 Supporter always!
Yesterday was I was brought back to reality. My day was spent cleaning, packing and errands. Nothing exciting. But I did take time to register for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to see how well I can do! Happy Monday!! And Whoo Hooo Short Week!!

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  1. YEAH! SOO excited for you and finishing your 5K!! This something I have really wanted to do, but still haven't grown a set yet. You Rock! :)


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