Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're almost there...

I’m not sure about you, but to me... this has been a really l-o-n-g week. I’m not sure if it’s because of the excitement/scary realization that I will come face to face with one of my goals this weekend or if it’s the excitement that will happen next week, but either way this week has dragged on for what feels like years!!
Speaking of the 5K, I have some amazing friends and family in my life. After the last few days and feeling so down on myself (see previous posting) about the upcoming run many of those special people in my life stepped up and really touched me. They all gave me such support and inspiring words that I really feel touched to do it not only for myself but for them as well. I no longer feel the pressure to push myself to the point of tears. They have shown me that I should be proud of myself regardless. If I looked back to a year ago from today I wouldn’t have even been able to walk a mile nor run 5 steps. Now I can walk 15 miles and I can run 2 without stopping. That is something to be proud of and no matter how I do this weekend I have to be proud of myself and that’s all that matters. I am very excited for Saturday it’s really going to be a lot of fun! It’s called the Mustache Dash. The run is to promote men’s health with an emphasis on prostate cancer. 
So me being the lover of balls that I am, this is the perfect cause for me to support and break my 5K cherry. So the men are supposed to grown a mustache for Movember and the women and children are supposed to wear fake mustaches.  I have purchased a super cute Mustache tank top to wear over my running shirt and I got a pack of fake mustaches to pick from! I can’t wait!!


Also, I have been slacking on my Thankful for’s.. So today I am VERY thankful that I get to make it home for Thanksgiving. As some of you know my family lives in California and we live in Washington. So I often get very home sick. I know I’m 26 but it’s true I do sue me. I am very very close to my mom, sister and grandma. My mom (M) has always been the most amazing mother you could ever ask for. She is very loving, supportive and accepting. She understands what it’s like to be young (since she had me at 19) and never judges or makes me feel bad about my decisions. She is not only my mom but she is one of my best friends. I love that I can talk to her about absolutely anything and it’s not weird. She did such a great job always making sure we had food on the table, a roof over our heads and cool clothes even though she was a single mom with no help or family close by. She’s my role model and I hope to one day be half the mother she was to us.
 My Mom & Sister
 My Pretty Mom
I also have a younger sister (M). When we were little we were best friends since we had gone through a lot together and no one else would ever know what exactly it all felt like (our parents divorced when we were pretty young.) Then as I was a teenage we grew to hate each other like a lot of sisters do. But now that were both in our 20’s we have begun to grow a lot closer again. I just love her to death, she is one of the most funny, outgoing, says whatever bat shit crazy stuff that comes to mind type of girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m sure as more childhood story’s get presented on this blog you’ll grown to love her as well! (See the P.S to this post below)
 Me & My Sis
Lastly is my grandma. I call her Grams (she is not an M, she’s my dad’s mom. My mom’s the one that was obsessed with M names J)  My grams had my dad when she was only 16 years old. So when you do the math her 16 + my dad had me at 20 I have a very young family. Most of the time people actually think my grams is my mom when we are out in public because she is so young.  My grams and I have had some rough times in the past but we have grown an amazing friendship out of it. She is one of my best friends. I can tell her anything just like my mom and I will never feel judged or stupid. I’m so incredibly lucky to have this type of relationship with her. While many people speak to their grandma’s once or twice a year I speak to mine once or twice a week (Usually Tuesdays when I stuck in god awful traffic.) She has been so supportive, loving and understanding. She is one tough cookie and I hope to be a lot like her!
 My Grams is Hott!!

So you see with 3 of my favorite people in the world in California I often get home sick. So this year I asked R if we could visit my family for Thanksgiving. R of course was instantly on board (He loves all of them all most as much as I do.) I was a little surprised because we have been saving for our wedding and thought he might not think it was a good idea but instead he told me “Yes we’ll go, and well make it all happen one way or another.” (God I love that man) So I’m stoked!!  I also found out there is a little 2 mile race on Thanksgiving in the town my mom lives in so I’m seriously thinking about signing up. It would probably be a good idea to offset the food coma I’m sure I will be in later that day.

Also did I mention, my parents are divorced and my grams (dad’s mom) will be coming to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving?! How cool is that! I’m so excited that over the past few years my mom and grams have put aside their differences and really like each other now. It makes it so nice for my sister and me to have both of our favorite women in one spot at the same time and actually get along! So you see I’m super excited for Thanksgiving this year!! What about you? Any fun plans?
Me, My Mom & Sis

 P.s. I thought I’d share a little MM Story I know this this shit storm of a post wasnt long enough. So my little sis was swinging on a swing-set at a family BBQ. There were probably about 20 people there when my sweet little sister jumps of the swing and starts freaking out. She yells “Mom, my ring. My ring.” My mom asks MM what she’s talking about and MM says “Mom I lost my ring it flew off my finger.” So instantly a large group of adults and children all begin looking for MMs ring under the swing set. After about 5-10 minutes MM announces “Oh Mom, It’s on my finger.” So you see my sister is VERY blonde. While most people would look at their finger first before announcing that they lost a ring, not my sister. She does things a little differently. So to this day we ask her where her rings are.


  1. I definitely can relate to you having a special bond with the female figures in your family. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for sister and my mom! I love this post because it's full of positive energy :)

    Good luck on your upcoming race.

    1. Aww thanks!! Im glad you have those people in your life as well ! They make all the differance I tell ya! BTW I saw your pics from last years Thanksgiving and wow nice job!! All the food looked so good!! You should put up your cheese cake recipe :)

  2. Yay for a 5K! You got this! And I love your mustache tank! So jealous! :-)

  3. Where did you get that mustache tank? So cute. It's so cool that you're close to your family, unfortunately, my mom and I are not close at all.


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